Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kleenex, Butterbeer, and Krispy Kreme

In the past two days I've gone through an entire box of Kleenex and my nose is as red as my acne problem.  I know, I make a very pretty picture.  Being sick and pregnant is awesome because you have twice as much stuff to complain about!  My OB was very helpful by suggesting Tylenol and Claritin.  Thanks dude, you totally just saved my life.  But the totally corny truth is, I would endure way worse than this for a healthy delivery.  But I also wouldn't mind a Dunkin Donuts delivery right about now.  When are those people going to get on the ball and start a delivery service?  I've sent several petitions to the county to build a Krispy Kreme in the empty lot diagonal from my house.  Who says houses and businesses can't live merrily together in my neighborhood?
So anyway, being sick and whiny has got me thinking about a few things that I really wanted to do up to this point in my life, haven't done yet, and now will have to wait a bit before I can.  This just means I have even more awesomeness to look forward to.  These are not listed in order of importance, but trust me, every one is super important.

Harry Potter World
I cannot even tell you how sad I am I haven't ridden on a broomstick behind Harry, Ron, and Hermione yet.  Someone actually had the gall to say to me, "Well this is something you can do with your kids!"  Are you kidding me?  I'm not dragging along two snot nosed lovelies to Harry Potter World?  This is about me, people.  I want to ride the roller coasters, buy a wand at Ollivanders and drink butterbeer.  Kids can't drink beer, they're too short for roller coasters and I don't need them slowing me down!  Besides I want to inspire my kids to build their own dreams, find their own inspirations-not steal mine.

It's everything I dreamed it would be.

Dye Blue Streaks in my Hair
When I expressed my interest in having blue streaks in my hair, Josh shook his head-that's it.  Just a standard "no."  Why Josh, why?  Am I too old for blue streaks, huh?  Do you think I'm old?  Oh my gosh.  Do you think I'm ugly?  Why do you hate me?  Am I not cool enough, is that what you're saying?  What if I dyed our kids' hair blue?  No? Not so much?  How about one streak?  Just one?  Like at the nape of my neck...no one will even see it!

Rent out a Roller Skating Rink
I love roller skating like I want to start my own 1970s roller skating club love.  One year for Halloween I went as a rollerskating waitress in a poodle skirt.  It was totally amazing.  And I loved going to roller rinks.  The problem with roller rinks were all of the other people getting in the way of my kick ass moves.  So one day, I'm going to rent out a roller skating rink and have a party.  Great 80s music, couple skate, free skate, reverse skate...

I would totally rock these.

Become a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer
Hahahahahahah...just kidding.

Of course there's way more things to do like travel to faraway countries, learn another language, save animals, make world peace and all of those other shenanigans.  I'm just a little tied up right now with this whole Krispy Kreme house lot situation.  And I don't like to leave any problem unresolved.   

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