Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Staying Fit While Pregnant

Many doctors and other highly regarded people in magazines stress the importance of having a healthy pregnancy.  Aside from getting all of your food groups (I checked-Pop Tarts are, in fact, a vegetable) it's good to do something physical every day, whether it be a walk, a yoga class, or water aerobics. 
I have stuck to a pretty strong regimen making sure I workout every day.  For those of you who are pregnant and not as incredibly fit as I am, let me walk you through some of my routines so you can see how you too can become a fat n' fit diva (I'm totally getting that patented for my new pregnancy workout DVD collection)

Walking is great for the body and soul.  It gives you time to contemplate all of the many things going on in your life.  Now, being pregnant, you are surely very busy so it's important to do double duty.  This will prepare you for motherhood.  I have different walking paths I take-one in Target, one in Lenox Mall, one in Perimeter Mall...  Just look around your neighborhood!  There are beautiful places all around you to go walking!  And the best part about walking in a mall (aside from the obvious) is that you can stop at your local Pretzel Time for a quick pick-me-up.  Walking is hard work! 

Yoga is super easy.  It's like stretching.  Yesterday I had to reach under a book case for a piece of Pop Tart I dropped.  Yoga for the day-check!

Water Aerobics
I took a shower this morning and shaved my legs. 

People say that if you were a runner before pregnancy you can actually still run throughout pregnancy.  Seriously?  You're carrying around a huge beach ball (not filled with air, mind you) and you actually want to go running?  Instead of putting on your Nikes, how about you run over to your therapist's office and have a little chat about your need to bounce around your neighborhood like an insane person?

Make sure you have the proper gear for working out as well.  Your body has changed and you need to make sure your pants, shoes, sports bra all fit well.  I didn't really want to invest in all new workout clothes since I would use them for such a limited time.  So I made a very smart and financially healthy sacrifice.  In order to save money for our children, I will not work out.  I know it's hard to give up so much of yourself so soon but it's great practice as babies take a lot out of you.  (Seriously, do you know what comes out of you when you give birth? Another post for another day)  So sit back, relax, and watch that belly grow!


  1. Hmm, what about the couch core workout? Get up from the couch to get a, healthy snack, sit back down on couch. Repeat.

  2. You are so right about the couch core workout! I'm totally adding that to my "Fat n' Fit Diva" DVD series!


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