Sunday, September 30, 2012

9 Months and Fabulous

Who can believe the babies are just 3 months shy of a year?  That probably isn't nearly as surprising as how much I suck at blogging.  I think the last time I blogged, my kids were still in diapers.  Okay, they're still still in diapers but you know what I mean.

Take it away, hubs...

Month 9
Austin and Summer,
The other day we were with your cousin Brandon and something came up in conversation that made us explain to him that a few weeks of time in the life of a baby makes such a difference in what they are doing because at 9 months old, two weeks is about 5% of your entire lives, whereas for the rest of us, two weeks is pretty much just two weeks.  That conversation made me reflect a little bit on the past year.
Last September 22, I was working at CNN.  Your mom was about 5 months pregnant.  We were living in Brookhaven.  I could watch football pretty much whenever I wanted.  And your mom liked when I went on 3 hour training runs because it meant she could watch whatever crap TV she chose.
This September 22, I am working at Sharecare.  Your mom is obviously no longer pregnant.  We are living in Dunwoody.  I basically haven’t watched any football this year aside from Canes games and the Saturday night games that start after you guys are asleep.  And those 3 hour training runs now can’t end soon enough for mommy because that means I’ll be home to help out with you crazy kids.
For any normal adult, that’s a MASSIVE amount of change.  Like, the most change humanly possible to experience in a year.  But 9 months ago, you guys were tiny little creatures that were only a quarter of the size you are now.  You could barely eat.  You slept in two hour increments.  You couldn’t move at all. 
And now you’re starting to get so big that you’re almost not even babies anymore.  Austin, you are crawling and are able to get pretty much wherever you want to go.  Summer, we played music on one of your toys yesterday and you were totally dancing to it.  You can both stand up for long periods of time if you have something to balance on.  You’ve both traveled internationally.  You both eat real adult food.  Like, full-on, adult taste bud kind of food.  You’ve eaten fajita seasoned chicken and rice, coconut curry chicken, Italian sausage and bell peppers, butternut squash and sage tortellini, Israeli salad, pumpkin risotto, and so much more.  You have become, dare I say, real people.
Every time I look at you guys and see you do something new or unexpected, it makes me so proud to be your daddy.  Sometimes it’s also easy to get frustrated.  Like when Summer cried for two straight hours when we were at Rosh Hashanah dinner because she hates being around people.  Or when Austin tries to pull out Summer’s hair every five minutes of the day because it’s there.  But then I remember that you’re just these little people who are still learning how the world works, and all that frustration goes away because, just when we think you might have turned into some kind of devil-child, you go and do something hilarious or adorable and totally redeem yourselves.
It’s all part of this crazy parenthood thing.  We want you to stay at this age forever because you are so perfect and we can’t imagine it getting any better.  But then a week later we realize that it’s only gotten that much more fun.  We can’t wait for all of the amazing adventures we have to look forward to with you.  We just hope it doesn’t go by as fast as these past 9 months.

What else happened this month?
You guys dressed up in Canes outfits for the first four games of the season (we went 3-1 and our only loss was the game where mommy dressed Summy in the wrong outfit)
Daddy got a year older
Summy had her first medical procedure.  She got her tear duct opened, which I initially thought would be a major part of what I’d write about this month but ended up being a lot of unnecessary nervous build-up for your mom and dad but ultimately just a 90 second procedure that went perfectly well

Your NaNa and Papa came to visit (again)
You started music class and go every week with your Aunt Aimee

Vital Stats
Nine month weight: Austin – 18lb, 14oz; Summer- 17lb, 3oz
Nine month height: Austin –  27 3/4in      Summer – 26 1/2in

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