Thursday, September 1, 2011

El Preggo Loco

I'm a pretty picky eater.  I'm not too fond of many vegetables or any shellfish.  If the word "salad" is in the dish, I probably won't eat it.  If there are condiments on my food, I probably won't eat it.  I do like barbeque sauce but I have to smell it first to make sure it's the kind I'll eat.  Some people might think this is an unattractive quality but I think it's super sexy.  I know what I like and I won't compromise.  So screw you honey mustard.
I've had a pretty miserable cold this week and haven't been up to cooking dinner.  So last night, Josh said he'd pick up El Pollo Loco on the way home from work.  He asked me to text him what I wanted.

Aug 31, 2011 6:34 PM
I'll have a chicken and 
cheese quesadilla with chips 
and mashed potatoes with 

Aug 31, 2011 6:36 PM
Wait, change my quesadilla 
to a chicken and rice and
cheese burrito.

Aug 31, 2011 6:39 PM
And can my burrito be
grilled? I like when 
they do that.

We sat down to eat at our beautifully set table with our finest china.  I bit into my burrito.  I spit out the first bite.

Me:  There are beans in this

Josh:  Yeah?

Me:  I asked you for a burrito with chicken, rice, and cheese

Josh: Oh. Well, I guess I ordered what they had on the menu and it was beans, chicken, rice, and cheese.

Me:  Why on earth would you think I'd want beans in my burrito?  Do you know me at all?  I don't eat beans.

Josh:  Just eat the burrito.  You have to eat something.

Me:  Let me rephrase that.  I DON'T EAT BEANS.  (I push the burrito across the table)

Josh:  So what?  You're going to eat mashed potatoes and chips for dinner?

Me: Yes.

Josh:  Take one of my pieces of chicken.

Me:  I don't want chicken.

Josh:  You love their chicken.

Me:  Not anymore.  It grosses me out.

Josh:  You cannot just eat mashed potatoes and chips for dinner.  You have to feed 3 people.

The thought of feeding 3 people makes me laugh.

Me: Are you saying I'm fat?

Josh.  Just eat the damn chicken.

I end up eating the chicken, the mashed potatoes, the chips, two tortillas and a bowl of m&ms.  Then my face starts itching.  I'm assuming it's an allergic reaction to the bean I consumed in my first bite of the tainted burrito. 

Me:  My face is on fire!  It itches so badly.

Josh:  Don't scratch it.  That's not good for you.

Me:  (Scratching my entire face)  Aaaaah!! What is happening to me??

Josh:  Stop scratching.  Go put something cold on it.

Me:  What, like your heart?

Josh: sigh.

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