Monday, August 15, 2011

A Year Older and Totally Awesome

Today I celebrated my 31st birthday.  I did this in true pregnancy fashion by being totally normal and pleasant while at our doctor's appointment and having a nice lunch, and then throwing a hissy fit over a chair.  My husband loves me.  He also probably wants to kill me.  Let's just say it's been quite a day, and quite a year for that matter.  There have been many accomplishments between 30 and 31 and I'd like to share some of them with you now.

This year I:
- ate over 15 boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese
- gained back the 10 pounds I gained my senior year in college-this time it was babies, not alcohol and french fries....okay, maybe some french fries.
- renovated our house- Well, I told people what to do while they renovated our house.
- got pregnant with twins.  I didn't do it by myself but I'll take half the credit.
- learned to complain in multiple ways-it's important to switch it up so no one gets bored.  Complaints should be new and exciting and equally annoying every time.
- moved into my very own commercial kitchen space!
- think I'm in the process of developing cankles.
- moved out of my very own commercial kitchen space.
- watched every season of over 15 tv shows on the internet.
- got seasick on a boat in Kauai.
- ate over 10 jars of pickles.
- started a fan club for corned beef hash in a can.
- colored my gray hairs with a permanent marker.
- bought at least 15 pairs of shoes.
- opened my own private Swiss bank account to secretly support my shoe habit.
- used the words "my son" and "my daughter" without laughing (okay, I totally laughed but I'm working on it)
- said the F word over 500 times.
- cleaned our house once.
- colored in a coloring book with Josh.
- drank over 200 cans of diet coke.
- ignored Josh 150 times when he told me why I shouldn't be drinking diet coke.
- ran 3 miles.

This new year ahead has a LOT of surprises, spit up, and tiny baby clothes with cute little footies and I'm excited to blog all about it!

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