Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wall Art With a Message

I have just enough time to write this post while my lunch of champions (Kraft Mac n' Cheese) is boiling away.
I've previously discussed designing the twinks' nursery with many incredible ideas.  We truly are in the final stages of design and now I'm focusing all of my attention on wall art.  I could be focusing it on organizing the closet, but I need room in there to store the children if necessary so I don't want to mess with it too much.

There's tons of cute wall art out there for children's nurseries but a lot of it is a bit too fluffy for my taste.  I like things simple and bold-like original Doritos.  I thought about putting multiple Doritos bags around the walls of the nursery but they just didn't go with the bedding.
*Very cool slightly dangerous sidenote:  if you microwave a small empty chip bag for about 5 seconds, it shrinks down to barbie size.  There will be some sparks and fear of your microwave blowing up, (that's why I use the one at the convenient store) but it's totally worth it when you see that cutesy mini chip bag come out all sparky and happy.

So when it comes to wall art I'd like to show you something circulating the stores like a California wildfire.

I hate this sign.  I am so tired of seeing this damn sign everywhere.  The original phrase was put out by the British during the 2nd world war to encourage people to get through the day.  That's a fine message and all but jeez louise people, move on!  For all we know, some company is printing this phrase on toilet paper as I type.
So by my obvious disdain, this sign is not going up in our nursery.  However, I have found a couple of alternatives that I can actually put up with.

What do you think of this one?  I like the simple message and the fact that it's slightly twisted.

The next one is great too!  It has a bit more detailed directions as well...

The only problem with this one is it says, "panic, dumbass" and we're having two children so I think maybe I should find someone who can change it to "panic, dumbasses."

Decisions, decisions...

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