Monday, October 24, 2011

Shower Power

This weekend I had my baby shower (which might explain why I'm completely exhausted and not sure what day it is.)  So in lieu of my normal snarky remarks or sarcastic comments, I'm going to be super cutesy with a little bit of barfy.  My shower was "Thing 1 and Thing 2" themed which is super cute, and praise the gods of all things that nauseate me, not pastel colored.

The invitation was adorable and also had polka dots, which is a huge bonus.  You can polka dot anything and turn a frown upside down.  That's why I think we should start polka-dotting homeless people.

When I arrived, I saw the room and it was absolutely perfect!  Aside from it being totally my style (adorable) it also meant that at some point we'd get to eat.  So I was, of course, super excited.

Having so much family there when I walked in, everyone was dying to take a picture of me.  It's really sweet and all but why weren't people this enthused about capturing my image before I turned into a beached whale?

These are the fabulous hostesses!  I'm the one with the slanted eyes and belly.  I'm assuming my children will look Asian in photographs too and we can only hope.  When I was little, people taking photos of me would always tell me to stop squinting in the pictures.  If only I knew the power of the middle finger back then.

There was also a fun table for people to sign Oh The Places You'll Go for me.  And the best part about the book is that it's the "Party Edition" which means the cover has confetti on it and sparkles.  I like things that sparkle.

We played games and ate food and then I went straight to the dessert table.  Even though I'm gearing up for my second glucose screening, I knew there was no way I was compromising my sugar intake on this day.  The twinkadinks totally agreed with me.

Could my shower be any sweeter? I know, lame. You can't have any.
And then we got to open presents!  Josh even came to help because if he hadn't, I would have probably passed out from heat exhaustion and smiling.  My niece was the biggest help of all.  I don't think it mattered that she was opening up trash cans for poopy diapers-she was absolutely thrilled.

Eat, Sleep, Share & Eat, Sleep, Blog.  My kids are going to be tech sexy.
So many wonderful friends and family came to share the day including some of my preggo friends!

Pregnant women are hot.  Literally, stifling.  I had to take off my sweater.
Overall it was a super fun day with amazing ladies, one very handsome hubby, delicious desserts, beautiful gifts and oh yeah, there was lunch too.  But who notices lunch when there's cake around?

Thank you again to the hostesses and my mom and mother in law for making this such an incredible day!!  I couldn't have asked for a more fun way to ring in baby season!


  1. What a cute theme! You look great too:)

  2. Thanks Jen! They did a great job! And I appreciate the compliment :) I checked out your blog-your little one is ridiculously cute!!


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