Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mama's Got a Brand New Ride

Today I had two friends' baby showers to attend.
Josh also ran a marathon this morning.
So while he was burning 864,000 calories, I was eating 864,000 calories while decorating onesies and discussing C-section versus vaginal delivery.

Baby showers all run a similar schedule divided into 3 sections:
Eat, play, unwrap.
My favorite part is the eating.  I'm not going to list what I ate today because Josh reads my blog.  But it was probably equivalent to like, some lettuce.

At the first shower I went to, I was chatting with some friends when I sneezed and peed my pants a little.  I excused myself to the bathroom because not everyone knows me and I couldn't just be like, "OMG guys! I totally just peed myself!"  Well, I could have but I don't know how many more showers I'd be invited to.  I like to introduce myself slowly to people so that once we're friends I can slowly start bringing in the crazy because at that point they're already invested.

I also wore boots today because it was 50 degrees and the other day my mom said I should stop wearing flip flops because she's afraid I'll trip and fall.  But that's okay because I'm investing in something that will make what I wear on my feet completely inconsequential.

Josh didn't exactly understand my whole elephant idea but I found something he simply can't argue with!

Check out the new ride, bitches!
I contacted the Scooter store and I can have one of these things like, tomorrow!  Here's a little info from their website:

"If you feel your limited mobility is keeping you from living life the way you want, then here's good news: a power chair or scooter from The SCOOTER Store could help you regain mobility and live the active, independent life you desire.  Reclaim your freedom and take back the life you desire."

Three words: Must. Get. This.
I asked, and unfortunately, they don't have this in pink, which I thought was a little odd since pink is totally the new red.

I thought it would be especially great to have this for Halloween tomorrow to make pregnant Trick-or-Treating a little speedier.  I just think it would be kind of a pain in the ass for Josh to have to carry me from house to house, especially after having just run a marathon.  

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  1. I'm a little behind on the blog, but you should totally get one of these!!!


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