Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sugar We're Going Down Swinging

This morning I had my 3 hour Glucose Tolerance test.  This was a follow up to my failed 1 hour glucose test.
Let me give you the rundown on how the test went:

No eating 10-12 hours before the test
8:30am- 1 tube of blood drawn
8:35am- drink 100mg of Glucola orange drink
9:35am- 1 tube of blood drawn
10:35am- 1 tube of blood drawn
11:35am- 1 tube of blood drawn

Luckily my friend Jess is visiting from California and hung out with me in the waiting room for 3 hours, playing MASH, reading People Magazine, and speculating whether other women in the waiting room were there because they were pregnant or just getting their paps smeared.

This time the Glucola tasted much better than the first time-I think it was because there was more sugar.  Essentially I drank the equivalent sugar content of 4 chocolate sprinkled Krispy Kreme donuts with none of the donut joy.  I kind of wonder if I could have just eaten 85,000 sprinkles instead and called it a day.

85,000 rainbow sprinkles

So now I wait a few days to see if I have full blown gestational diabetes-Can you feel the excitement in the air??
And with Halloween less than 4 days away, it's pretty much torture.  But not really because I think Milky Ways are sugar free.

And in other pregnancy news:

Today someone told me I was tiny everywhere but my belly.  I told her to put on some glasses and check out my ass.

My belly button is almost an outey but I think it's having an identity crisis so it kind of goes back and forth.  I'll keep you updated if anything fully pops.

I haven't peed my pants in a week.

My kids' arms and legs have been routinely stuck in my pelvic bone which feels super awesome.

I've had a slight recurrence of backne which just makes me feel beautiful all around.  And in honor of this fabulousness, I give you Jane Lynch.

Baby got Backne.

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