Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Still Love You Sugar.

Today I had a glucose test where the OB checked to see how high my blood sugar is.  It's super awesome but not really.  You have to drink this orange (horrible imitation) gatorade with an adorable name (Glucola) and then get a finger prick.  If you fail, you have to do a longer, more invasive test to see if you have Gestational Diabetes. 

Today, my friends, I failed the initial test.  I had some tears in my eyes because I hate failing, and because I'm pregnant, but it's not uncommon, especially for us with double trouble in our bellies.

Here's the magical glucose drink:

It tastes pretty crappy and made me a little nauseous.  Or it could have been in my head because I read the label which said it can cause nausea at which point I started feeling woozy.  Sort of the chicken and the egg conundrum. 

But here's the big thing I want to discuss about this "drink."  This drink has 50 grams of sugar in it.  Now, a Krispy Kreme chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles has 23 grams of sugar in it.  So here's my question.  Why couldn't I have had 2 Krispy Kreme donuts instead of the stupid drink?

In simpler terms:

So for my test next week I'm thinking about bringing in a box of Krispy Kremes to see if maybe we can have a little negotiation.

And for those of you who are unaware (and seriously missing out,) for a limited time only Krispy Kreme has their pumpkin spice cake donuts out!!

The 4 of these I ate last week might have led to the failing of my glucose test.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.

*Krispy Kreme does not pay me to advertise their products but I will gladly take their money.  I love you Krispy Kreme.  Not like puppy love or first high school boyfriend love.  I'm talking stars in the eyes, loss of breath forever kind of love.


  1. Jellybeans are proven to be an acceptable substitue for glucola:

    Sorry you failed. Durn pancreas. :(

  2. I heard that Jaime!! The nurse told me that today and I was like WTF! I need to find a new OB.

  3. Cari
    I never read a blog until today, yes you're my first so I guess that makes me old and out of touch. I read about 20 of your posts and loved them all. Great stuff.
    -Todd (your cousin)

  4. Todd! You made my day! Thanks for visiting my blog. Maybe it takes you back to the days when Virginia was pregnant :) Hopefully she wasn't as insane as I am!!

  5. I've heard the jellybean thing, too. Maybe you can do that for your three-hour.

    Those donuts make me wish there was still a Krispy Kreme within 50 miles of me.

  6. Emily,
    1. I would love if I could do the jelly bean thing!
    2. You seriously need to move.


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