Thursday, October 13, 2011

Have Trunk, Will Travel

So, disappointing news- One of my babies did not actually move down to my butt like I thought.  Josh did some research (probably because he felt weird saying goodnight to one baby in my belly and one in my butt) and found out it's my sciatic nerve.  Apparently one of the babies is making a chew toy out of it or something and now my butt hurts and I can't walk properly.

But that's okay because I have a plan.

I found this totally awesome site!

So these people typically rent out their elephant to transport the groom at Indian wedding ceremonies.  But I was like, if a groom can ride an elephant, why can't I?  They're located in California but their slogan is "Have Trunk, Will Travel" and I came to Georgia from California so I figure it can't be so difficult to get an elephant here.  Probably easier than traveling on a plane with two infants, come to think of it.

The only snag in this whole plan is aside from getting the elephant here, the cost to rent this guy is $500 per hour.  But check out this awesome saddle upgrade I'm totally going to get!

This saddle is called The Grand Howdah.  I don't know what a howdah is but I am so going to get up on this bad boy and be like, "Howdah down there bitches!  Check me out!"
Josh is out of town on business but when he gets back tonight, we are totally going to have a talk about renting me an elephant.  It makes so much more sense than driving my CRV.  I mean, that thing doesn't even have an umbrella.

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