Saturday, October 1, 2011

Go the F*ck to Sleep

Today is a very exciting day on Twinkadinks.  It's my first book review!  What gives me the right to review books do you ask?  I'm a super awesome genius, that's what.
Today's book is one I'm sure will soon be a classic, taking after ingenious works such as Good Night Moon and Where the Wild Things Are.

This work of brilliance is entitled Go the F*ck to Sleep and is written by Adam Mansbach who typically writes thoughtful and insightful adult novels.  This is his first "children's" book.  Some may say this is a novelty book for adults but I truly believe this book can be enjoyed by everyone-young and old alike!

As a 6 year veteran of teaching elementary school I follow the firm belief that reading aloud to your child encourages a love of reading and a higher level of comprehension.  And it totally helps that this book rhymes.

Every kid loves animals and stuffed bears.  It's like it was written for YOUR kid.  I highly recommend you get this book and read it to your children so they too will love reading as much as you do.  Also, Mr. Mansbach, if you happen to be an avid reader, please send me a copy of your book as I am too cheap to buy my own.  Kisses!

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