Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy New Year!

Today is Rosh Hashana- the Jewish New Year.  Josh and I went to services at my cousin's synagogue.  We went to the "family service" because it was only and hour and a half.  I guess I should say we went to the family service because we're trying to get better in touch with being parents and seeing all the little kids but the truth is, it was only an hour and a half.  Even the sermon was "kid friendly" in that it rhymed.  But let me tell you, just because something rhymes doesn't make it appropriate for children.

My Little Pregnancy Poem

I went to the doc
With a positive preggo test
The doc said I might be
4 or 5 weeks at best.

He did an ultrasound
And I asked him What's up?
And the doc said, "little lady
You've been doubly knocked up"

"Shut Up!" I told the old man
With tears in my eyes
My husband has super sperm
What a pleasant surprise!

I called Josh at work
To tell him the news
We make double babies!
Two little Jews!

And now here we are
6 months in
Very excited
For our boy and girl twins

Our little bundles
Are of the cutest sort
And based on our last ultrasound
They'll probably be short.

It's not a surprise
That they're vertically challenged
From their cute little toes
To each little phalange.  (I know, I know-YOU write a damn poem)

They kick in my tummy
Like wild hyenas
Apparently my insides
Are a UFC arena

With acne and nausea
No Advil or beer,
I can still eat apples and honey
For a sweet new year.

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