Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Lesson on Life Insurance That Will Teach You Absolutely Nothing About Life Insurance

Last night Josh and I had a meeting with a life insurance guy.
The great part about life insurance: You can get lots of money.
The bad part about life insurance: Someone has to die.
I've decided I hate life insurance.

But being the responsible people we (Josh) are, we had this meeting to decide how much money we want to spend every month to get a specific amount of money that we don't actually ever want to get.

As we discussed how much life insurance we would want, or basically how much money we'd need, the life insurance guy said his policy is for 5 million dollars.  I asked him if he ever catches his wife leering at him while sharpening a chef's knife.  But I'm assuming if you kill your husband the whole thing is null and void.

So then I asked him if it's possible to get life insurance on the cat.  He said they didn't offer pet life insurance policies.  I said, "Are you sure?  'Cause we could take her out in a minute."  I then told him we'd like to get a 10 million dollar life insurance policy on the cat.  I mean, I have no problem giving him a cut of the payout.  It's a solid investment and one less litter box for me (Josh) to clean.

I was going to post a life insurance video below to help you better understand whole and term life insurance but the videos were so freakin' boring that I decided to post a picture of my cat instead.

May she rest in peace (after her untimely death)

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