Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Bid you Adieu Pregnancy...

As the pregnant days draw to a close (count them- 1 1/2 left!) I must reminisce about my 9 month experience.  Here is a list of things I will miss (or not) about being pregnant once the little ones are born:

1.  peace and quiet
2.  people saying, "You look so small (FOR HAVING TWINS)!"
3.  spending the first 3 months of pregnancy preparing cakes in my commercial kitchen then crying in the
     car while they baked and I tried not to throw up
4.  checking my blood sugar like 800 times a day
5.  not sucking in when posing for pictures
6.  maternity clothes
7.  cankles
8.  sleeping on my side
9.  bacne
10.  4 hour long showers because I can't reach my legs to shave them
11.  my hot doctor
12.  Josh talking to my tummy
13.  little kids pointing at me and saying, "Mom! Look!"
14.  Talking about my cervix
15.  baby hiccups in utero
16.  eating multiple cans of Israeli pickles
17.  Pop Tarts
18.  walking to the bedroom with my pants around my ankles because I just peed them.
19.  crying at Father of the Bride II
20.  going to the bathroom twice in every store while running errands

It's all sort of bittersweet.  But not really.  Get the babies out.  I am so done.


  1. Hooray! Almost time! Cari, your blog has been awesome. :) You've kept me entertained on many a lonely, dissertating days! Can't wait to "meet" the little kiddos!

  2. Thanks so much Sue!! I can't wait to continue blogging about my adventures with the twinkadinks!! Looking forward to hearing about all the happiness in your life as well!! Big things coming up!

  3. Yes, DO enjoy your "YOU" time. It will be become sacred very soon. Go to a movie or something. :)

  4. thinking about you!!! can't wait to hear stories about the twins!

  5. I can only imagine the posts after the babies arrive. I pray for a quick and safe birth.

  6. Thanks for making me laugh as I am in the midst of my twin pregnancy. It's also nice to hear that I'm not the only one who has found pop tarts and israeli pickles :) I wish you an easy delivery and keep blogging!!! Congratulations!

  7. Thanks Becky! I hope you're feeling well and taking it one day at a time!! Enjoy the food and the attention :) Looking forward to your blog visits :)

  8. Thinking and praying for a you and the babies!! So glad to hear you are going to continue the blog after the twins are here! Congrats!!


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