Sunday, December 18, 2011

Come, Babies, Come Babies, Babies Come Come

Months ago, Josh and I decided that December 17th would be the babies' birthday.  There was no real reason for this date.  We just thought it sounded good.

Apparently our babies don't know what a birthday is.

So I've decided to make some arguments for why our children should stay in the womb vs. getting the hell out.

Listen up babies!

Reasons to Stay in my Belly
1.  It's like being in a pool all day long.
2.  You can pee then drink it.
3.  Nap time is any time.
4.  Your mommy's voice is always muffled.
5.  You don't have to be potty trained or clean your room.

Reasons to be Born
1.  We've already spent so much money on you.  You should come out and enjoy the stuff we've bought.
2.  We have McDonald's out here.  And donuts.
3.  I want to dress you up like rock stars.
4.  Your dad looks like a Jewish Matt Damon.  It's worth seeing in person.
5.  Do you really want to share a room forever?
6.  Two words: The Bachelor (premiering Monday, January 2).
7.  Your mommy wants to wear her old jeans.
8.  The Sharpie mega pack.
9.  We will wipe your butts.
10.  Don't you want to meet the cat before her demise?
11.  You have baby Uggs.  BABY UGGS.
12.  In the spring, Cadbury makes Creme Eggs.
13.  Your Daddy will sing to you in his gorgeous falsetto.
14.  We have a subscription to People Magazine.
15.  Copious amounts of chocolate-because we are rich and can buy as much as we want.

Need I say more?


  1. Favorite post to date (besides the girl who cannot seriously thinks she's pregnant on Pinterest)!

  2. Thanks Morgan! Hopefully they'll be many more to come!


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