Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Maternity Photos and Financial Discussions

The other day we got our maternity photos.  I was very excited!  (Who would've guessed I'd be excited to get fat photos?)  Unfortunately, these are photos of photos but you get the idea...
It was about 40 degrees and I had a cold.  I make colds look sexy.

www.kristinleighphotography.com (shout out)

I look so contemplative.  Like, "Where the hell did this huge gut come from? I don't remember eating beach balls."

Josh and I decided to get an 11 x 14 print of our favorite:

So now we have this gorgeous black and white photo and I decided we needed a beautiful handcrafted hand painted wood frame to go with it.  And since I don't do wood carving and neither does Josh, I explored the web.  For days.  And I finally found the perfect frame. 

I don't think Josh recognizes how valuable the time I put into this is.  And what an amazing online researcher (shopper) I am, as evident by our IM conversation below:

11:40 AM me: josh?
 josh: yes honey
11:41 AM me: we got our engagement photos
  i mean, maternity
 josh: what?
  oh, ha
 me: i'm pregnant
 josh: how'd they come out?
 me: and i came to the decision that we need to buy that beautiful frame
11:43 AM i know it seems pricey but it's actually practically free
 josh: oh yeah? i'd love to hear the logic on that
 me: well, imagine if i wanted to buy 5. i only want 1! see how simple that is?
11:44 AM josh: oh
11:45 AM me: we just saved like $400 plus shipping
 josh: totally
 me: so it's settled
11:47 AM ahem
11:48 AM josh: yes?
 me: can i buy it?
 josh: i thought we were gonna try to not spend a ton of money the next few weeks
 me: i totally wasn't in agreement on that stupid conversation
11:49 AM josh: ha
  we'll find a good piece of wood
 me: thank you, lumberjack  So now I have to find secret money to buy the frame.  Because Josh obviously doesn't understand the value of a dollar.  Money is for spending.  On frames.  Expensive ones.  With pretty edges. 

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  1. these pictures are soo cute. I want to see more :)
    <3 auntie Aurora


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