Thursday, December 15, 2011

Longest Pregnancy Ever.

I know I haven't blogged in a little while but I've been really busy.
I've spent the last however many days trying to convince Josh to take me to the hospital. 
I call him at work asking if he'd like to have dinner in the hospital cafeteria.
I IM him and tell him my back hurts and we should probably head over to the hospital.
If I can't find something, it's probably at the hospital and we should drive over there and check.
Let's just say it's been a long week.  Mostly for Josh. 

I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and apparently the babies are really comfortable-like warm blanket in front of a fireplace on a cold winter's day comfortable.  Oooh, with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows!

This morning Josh and I went to the OBGYN to check on the status of my body and babies.
Body=huge.  Babies=not coming out anytime soon.
But he did stick his hand up there and feel the babies' heads.  Because that's normal, right?

I asked Josh if he wanted to feel the babies' heads later.  I mean, if we're bored.

So I'm probably going to be induced next week.  I can't wait to meet my babies.  And go to the hospital.  It may sound weird but my hospital is awesome.

I've visited several friends who have had their babies recently at the hospital.  It took everything in me not to push them out of their beds. 

Do you know at my hospital a lady with an apron comes in and takes your meal orders?  How cool is that?  I decided Josh and I should practice that at home just so I can get used to it.  I'll lie in bed and he can wear one of my aprons and take my dinner order.

Until then, I'm just going to sit here and focus on the fact that I still look like the Great Pumpkin and that my children will likely be Hanukkah miracles.


  1. ugh, i'm with you! i'm 36 weeks today. homeboy is estimated 2 pounds larger than expected, and i'm estimated to last 4 more minutes before i figure out a way to take matters in to my own hands.
    good luck, hope it's soon! (you know about that achilles pressure point, right?) =)

  2. As much as you want to meet them, 37 wks is great for twins! I keep telling our little ones to make themselves comfy because they better stay in there as long as possible. Prayers for healthy babies and healthy delivery next week!!

  3. Whitney-I feel you. And I try to get Josh to massage my ankles every night :)

    Brooke-Thanks for the kind words! I hope you're feeling well and taking care of yourself!


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