Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Queen of Spit Up and the King of Farts

Here I am.  Back from a 2 week sabbatical.  Well, more like 2 weeks in a whirlwind of twins.
Josh and I have two babies now.  Crazy, huh?
Wear protection, kids.

So here's what you've missed in two weeks.

I showed up at the hospital in my fat suit on December 21st at 9pm.
My feet were huge.  Trust me.

The next day by 3pm, I was ready to push.  An hour of hell later, I was ready for a c-section!

And guess what, the hospital was giving out double the presents!

So here's some fun stuff that has happened in the 2 weeks I've been offline:

Baby Girl has spit up the equivalent of 4,000 bottles.
Baby Boy has peed across the entire kitchen, his nursery, my hand, his outfit, the doctor's table...
Baby Boy farts like he's in a competition.  And he wins.  Every time.
I have lost 30 pounds.
My boobs are the size of a house.  Like an NBA all-star's mansion.
2 umbilical cords fell off yesterday.  They looked like snails.
We've done 3,278 loads of laundry.
I cried.  I laughed.  I didn't pee my pants.
I wear maxi pads like a 12 year old girl afraid of tampons.
I ate sugar.  Lots of it.  See ya' later gestational diabetes.
I tried on my old jeans.  Then I put on my maternity jeans.
I admired my svelte ankles.
I caught baby poop in my hands.
I realized for the millionth time that I have the best husband in the world.
Josh probably questioned his wife's sanity for the millionth time since I became pregnant.
I ate turkey and salami for breakfast because it was there.  And easy.

I fell in love.



  1. BEST POST EVER! I love it. I laughed and had tears right there with you! I can't imagine. You have such a good attitude and perspective. I love how real you are about it, and yet through all the gross experiences you can see the joy after. I admire you and can't wait to watch your cute family grow. :) Love ya.

  2. Love Love Love! You rock. I can't imagine two newborns. Yay for sugar and lunch meat!

  3. Hooray! Love the posts! Love the kiddos. :) So excited and happy for you guys. :)

  4. Cari! You and Josh are just adorable! The twins have the best parents EVER! (Jenny D)

  5. i was going to say BEST POST EVER but someone beat me to it!! i know exactly what you are going through!!!

  6. Cari, they are so cute! Mazal Tov! I love your what happened since, I admire your sense of humor two weeks out, mine just returned. Can't wait to watch your babies grow on their blog and hopefully meet them one day. Take care, and have fun cuddling your babies.

  7. AMAZING CARI!!! They are just absolutely beautiful and my goodness I just want to meet them right now! God bless you both, missing you heaps! xo

  8. Thank you everyone! Raising two children will not always be easy but I can guarantee some laughs, fun and sarcasm along the way!

  9. They are absolutely adorable!!! Congrats to you both!! Can't wait to see more pics and videos! Glad to have you back....YAY!!


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