Monday, November 14, 2011

Naked Photos...

Today we had our 32 week appointment at the Perinatologist.  I told my nurse today about our blog and she told the hot doc.  So I won't be surprised if my next appointment is a little awkward.  P.s. Hi doc! Thanks for the ultrasound CD today.  That was way nice.  And your hair looked good.  And you smell like fresh fallen leaves and hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Apparently we have two little beef cakes on our hands.  Our babies each weigh a tad over 4 pounds and have beautiful little body parts.  I know this because we were looking at him and all of a sudden she thought it was a good idea to be like, "Hey Mommy and Daddy and brother, here's my vagina!"  So that was a pleasant surprise. 

And an even bigger surprise-we got a 3-D ultrasound today!  We didn't even know this was going to happen and BAM! Baby A's face all smooshy and yellow and 3-D!  That's our little boy.  He's pretty awesome.

Hi Mommy.  I'm just sitting here peeing and then drinking it again.
Check out that pout and that squishy little nose.  He's a stud muffin like his daddy.  I cried when I saw this little face because Josh and I made that.  Yeah, I know.  We're talented folks.

Above is our little girl.  That's probably the best picture we got of her today.  That is her upside down little foot.  Her face is in there somewhere but she preferred to show us her foot today.  May I just say, that is one adorable foot.

And in a couple of days I'll get to see the OB.  It looks like I'm going to be seeing that guy every week from now on.  It's kind of sad, really, because I pass the McDonald's on the way to his office and I can't stop there.  But Josh already promised me McDonald's in the hopsital.  Suck it Diabetes!

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  1. Oh they are so cute. I cant wait to meet them. Auntie aurora loves you!


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