Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Car Seat Etiquette

Blog inspiration has been low lately.  Apparently when you do nothing all day, you don't have much to write about. 
But today, I have a very serious issue to blog about.  Car Seats.  Let me give you the 411 on car seat installation.
1.  70-90% of car seats in the US at any given time are installed incorrectly (This means some aren't in tight enough, some aren't put in properly, some children aren't in boosters when they should be, some should be rear facing but are front facing...)

So according to my calculations 70-90% of people suck at reading directions. 
Step 1: Read the car seat manual
Step 2: Read the car manual section on car seats
Step 3: Do what they say.

*And you shouldn't just do this for your infant car seats-Do this every time you get a new car seat.  Don't be a dumb butt head.

Once you have installed your car seat, take it to a certified checker guy.  You can find them here:

2.  Car Seats EXPIRE.  Did you know this?  At the bottom of your car seat is an expiration date.  Once it hits that date, throw it out.  The whole thing.  That sh*t is donezo. 

 This past weekend Josh and I put the car seats in the car and now I'm having a bit of a problem.  Here is one of our matching car seats.
There are actually two of these things in my back seat right now.
These are nice little car seats, right? Wrong, they're really small yet they're huge.  See, I like to drive sort of like a baller.  I lean back really far in my seat and put the seat back as far as it can go.  It's a little suburban gansta if you will. 

I can tell you right now.  My life is changing.  It only hit me when I sat in the driver's seat of my CRV and realized I was more upright and closer to the wheel than I can ever remember being.  It was a bittersweet moment-Sweet because I will have my little twinkadinks snuggled behind me.  Bitter, because it was so effing uncomfortable.

Luckily, all problems can be solved.  We simply have to buy me a new car.  I've had my car for almost a year and a half and I'm going to miss it but not really because my new car will be bigger, better and shinier-like an upgraded diamond but with heated seats and nav.

Well, hello lover.


  1. Hey Cari - what model of Graco car seat is the one you posted? If you don't mind sharing. We aren't finding out with out little ones and all the other Graco models I've seen we haven't really liked. Thanks so much!

  2. Hey Baking! The link for the car seat is It is the Graco SnugRide platinum infant car seat. It is for 5-22 pounds. I chose it because it's a bit lighter than the car seats that go up to 35 pounds. And usually by 1 year people move up to the next car seat anyway! Happy shopping!


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