Sunday, November 20, 2011

Diagram of a Pregnant Person

This morning as Josh was reading my weekly pregnancy update, he grudgingly informed me that one of the symptoms I could now expect is flatulence.  We both laughed.  I was like, "then what's been going on the last 32 weeks?"

Poor Josh.  His feminine, sweet wife has turned into a farting, burping, peeing-in-her-pants roly poly thing.

Today I decided to make a diagram to better help you understand the different dimensions of a pregnant person.

Diagram of a Pregnant Person:

 Trust me, this is way better than the diagrams they show you in child birth class.


  1. you're undoubtedly one gorgeous pregnant mummy-to-be!!!

  2. Thanks so much!! This was a "dress up" day. Usually I'm in my pre-pregnancy pajamas lounging around the house :)


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