Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Today our little loves are one month old.  What the eff?  Wasn't I just shrieking and making death threats in the delivery room?

In honor of their one month birthday, and the fact that I'm so choked up by this glorious event, I'll let Josh do the talking...

To our sweet twinks, Austin and Summer,
Today you guys are one month old.  I would say something like “I can’t believe how fast the last month went by,” but I have a feeling that “I can’t believe how fast the last ____ went by” is how your mom and I will feel for the rest of our lives.  It feels a little unfair that somehow the nine months we waited for you to arrive seemed to crawl by, but now that you’re here, time all of a sudden is moving so much faster and feels more fleeting.  But let’s not focus on that.  Let’s focus on the last 31 days. 
You were born one minute apart, at 6:13 (Austin) and 6:14 (Summer) on December 22, 2011.  Your mom was induced at about 2am, and after pushing for over an hour from 4-5pm, it was pretty clear that you guys just weren’t going to come out the easy way.  Summer, this was mostly your fault because you had your arm over your head which made it really hard for mommy to push you out.  So after making mommy experience excruciating pain for more than an hour straight, on top of the 14 hours of misery before that, and the 9 months of feeling gross, sick, fat and uncomfortable before that (you can NEVER be a pain in the butt to your mommy.  You owe her forever!), you finally arrived!
From the second I first heard your cries, the feelings that went through me were unlike any I’ve ever felt.  The pride that you are my babies, the joy that I’m your daddy, the fun that comes with laughing at your adorable and sometimes silly faces every day, the sense of protectiveness that comes with being a parent, and most of all, the absolute, unrelenting, unconditional LOVE that your mommy and I feel for you every single second of every single day, even when you are pooping all over your clean clothes, spitting up all over our clean clothes and/or screaming at the top of your lungs for no discernible reason.
 So, what has happened this first month of your lives? 
·      We found out that you were baby geniuses when you both scored 8 (1 minute) and 9 (5 minutes) on your APGAR tests.  We weren’t surprised.
·      We spent 5 days in the hospital, and upon leaving, stole several suitcases worth of stuff, most of which we ended up throwing away anyway. 
·      We introduced you to tons of people who love you, from your grandparents, to aunts, uncles and cousins, to lots and lots of other family and friends. 
·      We gave you your first baths.  You really screamed bloody murder.  We gave you several more baths.  You really screamed bloody murder again.  We’re still working on this whole hygiene thing. 
·      We cut part of Austin’s little penis off. 
o   We freaked out that Austin’s penis was growing some kind of infection, only to find out that that’s just how penises heal after they’ve been partially snipped. 
·      We slept through New Year’s Eve. 
·      We got a tax break because you came before New Year’s.  Thanks guys!
·      We went on our first walks together. 
·      We called the doctors office about 25 times to make sure everything we were freaking out about was ok.  It was.
·      We took your newborn photos, which are about the most precious pictures that have ever existed.
·      We clipped your nails for the first time.  There was a drop of blood, but mommy cried more than you did.
·      We peaked in your diapers looking for poops (Austin) and when we found nothing, said “juuuust balls.”
·      We had your first play dates with your new friends. 
·      We experienced several freak outs from mommy because daddy had to go back to work, only to realize that mommy was born to do this and is amazing at being home alone with you. 
·      We changed approximately 16,000 diapers. 
·      We took approximately 16,000 pictures. 
·      We kissed each of you way more than 16,000 times. 
·      We memorized every inch of your little bodies, all of your sweet (and not-so-sweet) sounds, your silly faces, and the way you both hold your hands (Austin in a Heisman pose, Summer like a dainty little princess).
o   Speaking of your sweet sounds, you guys really like to grunt a lot when you’re farting/pooping.  We’re gonna have to work on that before you start hanging out in public places.  It really isn’t all that socially acceptable.
·      We thanked our lucky stars for having your night nurse Grace with us every night. 
·      We thanked our lucky stars even more that we have you guys to wake up to every morning, to hug and love all during the day, and to kiss every single night. 
·      We thanked our lucky stars that this is just the very beginning and we have everything in the world to look forward to.
·      And as mommy says, we fell in love.  Twice. 
Thanks for the best month ever.  Here’s to hoping month two is just as amazing!
Baby Stats
Date/time of birth: December 22, 2011 (Austin: 6:13pm, Summer 6:14pm)
Birth Weight: Austin - 5lbs, 11oz   Summer – 5lbs, 4oz
Two week weight: Austin – 6lbs, 2oz    Summer – 5lbs, 13oz
One month weight: Austin-8lbs, 12oz   Summer-7lbs, 12oz
Birth Height: Austin - 18in   Summer – 17in
One month height:  Austin-20in   Summer 19in


  1. I love this blog. You guys are so adorable!Being a parent is definately challenging but worth everything. You're twins are absolutely precious. Keep enjoying every second.

  2. So sweet, cute, real, and funny! Congrats!

  3. I love both of your writing. I love your stories, how real you are, but how much joy you share too. CUTEST family ever.

  4. Aww its so nice to hear from Josh - best dad of twins that are a month old EVER!

  5. Awesome blog post! You guys make my day every time I get to read the Twinkadinks post! :) Cute pic too!

  6. What a joy to read this terrific blog! How wonderful for the kids to have these to read when they get older. Beautiful memories and each stage has very precious moments. Enjoy each and every moment and I look forward to reading more about Summer and Austin. Thanks so much for sharing! Sending love from the Sunshine State......


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