Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm Holding a Baby, Eating a Sandwich and Typing this Blog Post

In the 2 weeks since becoming a mom, I've done a lot of cool new things:

I turn my babies upside down so I can smell their butts.
I pick my daughter's nose.
I compare my son's features to pictures of monkeys on the internet.
I secretly try to hand off the baby that just farted to my husband.
I've changed my scent from Herbal Essences to 3-hour-old spit-up

I've also seen a lot of cool things:

Last night, baby boy peed across the hall, down the wall and created an actual pool of pee at the bottom of the doorway.  We probably shouldn't use that as a selling point when we decide to move one day.  But it was seriously impressive.

Have you ever seen two babies milk drunk?  It's pretty awesome.

We also had a photo session with our babies like they were rock stars.  Sleeping rock stars.  Who fart with reckless abandon.


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