Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nursery Shopping OR Josh Banging His Head Against a $900 Crib While I Insist It's The Only Crib that Will Ever Make Me Happy

Yesterday I began the fantastic journey of shopping for our children's nursery.  A nursery is a place where you can paint the walls and put all the things you would never dream of putting anywhere else in your house.  Josh says I'm very opinionated.  I told him to shut his face.  Here are my very strong opinions on a child's nursery, specifically my children's nursery (but this won't keep me from judging your child's nursery by the same standards.)

Baby pink and baby blue combo in a twin nursery is vomit-inducing
Nursery Rhyme character bedding should be kept in 1932
Wall decals should be used sparingly as they are hideous
If your baby bedding looks like a fabric a stripper might wear, it's probably meant to stay on (or off) the stripper
Your baby boy probably doesn't want white frilly bedding regardless of how cute you YOU think it is

I totally just threw up all over my computer screen

So I went shopping yesterday with my fabulous sister in law.  I always need to take inventory and form very strong attachments to things before getting my husband involved.  Josh always says, "it's just stuff."  And I respond, "Yes, stuff we NEED!"
I spend 3 hours picking out absolutely gorgeous custom bedding that is perfect for my boy/girl room.  I worked hard to keep my lunch down as I pushed past the paisley, toile, and gingham prints to find the designs that were "just right" for my soon-to-be very opinionated children.
Once I had my mind set, I came home and set up Central Command in the living room.  More research and detailed planning would be necessary to convince Josh of the big investment ahead.  Posters, graphs, and pie charts were set up strategically in order to show my husband that our babies simply couldn't live in a world without all of this important "stuff."

I lovingly prepared a beautiful dinner of take-out wings to warm over the cold heart of my evil husband who doesn't believe in the value of good stuff.  We went over the pictures and prices for what seemed like hours...
Josh:  Why do babies need this crap?
Me:  Excuse me?? What did you call this?
Josh: I mean, why do they need custom bedding?  They don't even care where they're sleeping on or what their room looks like.
Me:  Honey, you may not realize this but a parent's love is only measured by how much money he spends on his child.  Do you want me to tell our children that they were born into a world where they slept in hand-me-down cribs on bulk store-bought bedding??
Josh: God forbid.

***fast forward to today.  I smiled and beamed at the beautiful relationship I have with my AMEX as I put it on the store counter to buy our custom crib bedding.
But SHUT UP!  Did you see that unbelievable glider in the corner?  What fabrics does that come in?  Do you have anything CUSTOM?  OMG!  Burp cloths with polka dots and flowers?  You mean my kids get to throw up on that?  Oooh!  How much is that rocking horse by that dresser?  I know they can't use it for a few years but it's a good investment, right?  That twin bed is adorable!  What colors does it come in?  I can put them in storage until the kids are ready!  Should I buy an extra one in case they have friends sleep over?....

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