Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Month 5 Fun

Ok, so I officially suck at blogging.  But I promise to blog more.  Because I know the five people who read my blog are really missing me.

So here's Josh's monthly post...or the only post of this month.  Which is sad.  Because he's so not as funny as I am.

Month 5
Wow, what a month.  In the last 30 days, quite a lot has happened.  President Obama supported gay marriage, Facebook went public, and most importantly, The Bachelorette’s new season began (Emily Maynard, woot woot!).  Oh, and we bought a new house, went under contract to sell our current house about 3 days later, dealt with the million things that come with buying and selling houses (packing, getting a mortgage, ending all of the services at your existing house and turning them on for the new one, finding someone to fence in a pool, finding someone to child-proof a house because now there’s a lot more space and areas for you guys to cause trouble, etc, etc), took your first ever plane ride for a trip to Miami, and celebrated mommy’s first Mother’s Day with lots of family, including a visit from NaNa and Grandma Fritzie. 
I’m tired just reading that paragraph, so hopefully this next month will be just as good but a little less eventful.
My favorite thing that happened this month is that you guys are starting to notice one another.  It’s not like you’re playing together yet, but there are these really sweet moments we’ll see when you guys looking at each other, sometimes holding hands, and mostly smacking each other in the face.  It may not seem all that interesting to the casual observer, but it makes your mom and me think about the days, weeks and months ahead when you guys will be talking to one another in your cribs, speaking gibberish that no one else can understand, and being each other’s best friends for life.
Tomorrow we’re all off to Folly Beach, SC to celebrate mommy and daddy’s 3-year anniversary.   It’s hard to believe that we’ve already been married for 3 years because in a lot of ways it feels like our wedding was just yesterday.  But, in other ways, it seems even longer ago because it feels like ages ago that your mommy was pregnant.  It feels that way because the reality is, our lives have now been split into two distinct periods: BAS (before Austin and Summer) and SAS (Since Austin and Summer).  I was alive for exactly 400 months before you were born and now you’re 5 months old, so SAS is only just a little over 1% of my life, but in a lot of ways I kind of don’t remember BAS.  In the literal sense, I still have all of those memories, but it does seem hard to remember a time when you guys were not in our lives.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.   
Something else also happened this month.  You guys kind of became real people.  While your mom and I have felt like you were real people since birth, that’s just because we’re your parents.  But now other people are starting to notice it, too.  You smile when you see us, you laugh at the right times (not just when you fart), you are reaching and grabbing for things, starting to get a bit more mobile (mostly via rolling over, but you’re also starting to push a bit on the ground, which is a precursor to crawling), and any day now, we’re going to break out the real food so you can stop eating that formula stuff.   As always, we’re so proud to be your parents and we love every minute of this crazy adventure.  Until next month….

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  1. Thanks Josh for the post -- I just came back from my Josh's twin grands' fifth grade moving up ceremony in Westchester County -- some of my fondest memories of Alec and Chessy are when they were under a year -- they lived in Hotlanta back then by Phipps -- I actually used to walk them across the street to Phipps in a double stroller -- boy lots happens in eleven years -- and it goes by soooooo fast! Enjoy every minute even though I know you are both exhausted. When you are 66 like me you will have time to rest -- when you're not flying around babysitting for your grandchildren or celebrating happy events! I leave for the summer -- to Maine Saturday a.m. with two grandchildren, 11 and13 1/2 year old girls and a 90 pound golden named Bounty.... Have a great summer!


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