Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6 Months

And here we are again with Josh's monthly post or as I like to call it, ruining my blog with a bunch of sappy crap.

Month 6
How is it possible that you guys are 6 months old today?  It’s cliché to say, but it really feels like just yesterday that we were bundling you up in clothes that were twice your size to bring you home from the hospital.  I remember driving about 10 miles an hour the whole way home, freaking out over every speed bump in the parking lot at the hospital, every car that was in our general vicinity on the road, checking on you at every red light and sometimes in between, and generally learning what it feels like to be so in love with two tiny little people that you can’t even fathom it.  It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come since then. 
One of the highlights of this last month came when we fed you guys “real” food for the first time.  The theory goes that you should start feeding babies with the worst tasting stuff (vegetables) and then improve it (fruit) over time to ensure that you guys learn to eat your veggies and don’t get hooked on everything that tastes like pure sugar before you even have teeth.  But you both came from your mommy’s tummy, so to even attempt to program your taste buds to enjoy a nice bowl of squash and green beans is basically a lost cause.  In any case, on a casual Sunday afternoon in early June, we strapped you into your chairs and broke out the pureed peas.  Summer, given your bloodlines, I guess we should have known better than to start you off with something green.  Needless to say, you were not amused.  Describing what transpired next with written words would only due it a disservice, so here’s the video evidence of the whole scene
Speaking of taking after someone, the other night at dinner we were all sitting at the table.  You guys had been fed and mommy and I were eating.  Summer, I looked over and realized you hadn’t stop talking for at least 10 minutes straight.  Austin was sitting next to you, silently playing with a toy.  It was pretty much exactly like dinner every night – the woman doing all of the talking about mostly nothing while the man sits quietly by - only with the participants about 30 years younger.  It was obviously very cute but was mostly just a glimpse into the future, when we’ll have two females at the table talking aimlessly and endlessly while the boys try our best to tune out the noise and eat as much as we can, as fast as we can so we can finish dinner and go shoot hoops outside or something.  Austin, don’t worry buddy, I’ve got a huge stash of earplugs hidden away for both of us.
One last thing before I sign off…in the last few days/weeks, the coolest thing has started to happen: you smile and laugh when you see me.  Those things occasionally happened in the past, but they were more coincidence than true reaction.  But now when I come back from a run in the morning or get home after work, I see you look straight at me, let me know that you recognize me and know who I am, and then give me a huge smile, like you are so glad I’m finally home.  I’ve known that I loved you since the moment you were born (actually since the moment we found out about you), but it’s just about the coolest thing ever to know that you love me right back.  Everybody in the world should get to experience that feeling because there’s really nothing better. 
These first 6 months have been beyond amazing and we’re so lucky to have you as our babies.  We love you!

Vital Stats
Six month weight: Austin – 16lb, 1oz; Summer 14lb, 8oz
Six month height: Austin – 26.25 in   Summer – 24.75 in

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