Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Month Love

Today is the twinks 2 month birthday. 2 month anniversary of their birth?  Neither sounds right but let's just say 2 months ago I was half aware in my post-C-section fog that I might have just given birth to two children.  Either way, they let me take them home so I assume they're mine.

In our new monthly tradition, my husband Josh has taken to writing a letter to the babes.

To our twinks Austin and Summer,
Somehow you guys are already two months old today.  It’s hard to believe that almost exactly this time two months ago, you had just made your grand entrance and changed our lives forever.  This month you guys have made the transition from little-blob-things to kind-of-actual-little-people.  As part of that transition, we’re starting to notice that some things are changing while others are very much staying the same.  Here are some observations about you guys at the two month mark:
Things that have stayed the same
The boy/girl thing:
·       Austin, you are still our handsome little guy that nobody will ever mistake for a girl.    
·       Summer, you are as dainty as the day you were born.  You always seem to find a way to hold your hands delicately out in front of you, totally primed for that manicure you’re not quite getting just yet.
·       Austin, most of the time your cries are whimpers.  Your cry voice is low, and your cries make everyone feel sad.
·       Summer, your cries sound like the siren from a fire truck.  Your cry is high-pitched enough that only dogs and your parents can hear it.  We’re not sure anything is ever wrong with you, we kind of think you just like the attention.     
Burping & Farting:
·       Summer, it’s not very lady-like, but you fart way more than your brother.  And you’re not bashful about one bit. 
·       Austin, you aren’t a great burper, but you do some pretty massive spit ups every couple days.  Not like a little bit on your bib.  Like all over the floor. 
Your Wardrobe:
·       Austin, thankfully we just dress you like a normal little boy.
·       Summer, where do we start?  This is probably more about your mommy than you, but needless to say, you are the best-accessorized baby on the block.
·       This one has changed a little bit but not enough.  You guys are sleeping a little more than 4 hours at a time at night.  Let’s shoot for 8 hours, ok guys?
Your wakeup routine:
·       If we want your sleep habits to change, we want your wakeup routine to stay the same forever.  Cutest thing on earth.  Video evidence here.
Things that have changed
·       Summer, you became SumSum this month.  I have no idea where it came from, but it seems to fit.  I wonder if you’ll read this when you’re a teenager and still have that as a nickname.
·       Austin, your nickname has become Buddy Boy.  If you read this as a teenager and still have that as a nickname, I will have failed you as a father.
·       This is a new thing in the last few days, but your smiles are definitely starting to emerge.  Seeing your little lips curl into those happy faces makes your mommy and daddy melt.
Sympathy crying
·       Summer, you can’t stand hearing the whimpers of your little brother so every time he cries, you tend to join in.
·       Austin, you don’t give a crap when Summer cries.  You just continue on as if nothing is happening.
·       Austin, your hair fell out a few weeks ago and you looked like an old bald dude for a little while.  Now you just look like you have a crew cut, and it’s pretty damn adorable.
·       Summer, your hair is kind of half-in, half-out.  It looks relatively normal during the day, but holy crap does it look scary after we give you a bath.
·       Diapers are getting changed way less these days.  And when they are getting changed, there is way less poop in them.  As long as you’re healthy, nobody here is complaining about that!
·       Also, you’re both in size 1 diapers now.  Austin, you outgrew the newborn kind.  Summer, they don’t really fit you well but we just didn’t want to buy more newborns so you’re making it work.  Way to be a team player.
·       As of today, you both got your shots.  That means we can now take you wherever we want.  So I guess your pain was our gain.  Thanks kiddos.
That’s all for now.  I’ll check in again at 3 months. 
I love you guys,
Vital Stats
Two month weight: Austin – 10lb, 9oz; Summer 9lb, 9oz
Two month height: Austin – 21.5in   Summer – 21in


  1. You guys are the coolest parents!! Xo. Hope I can meet Summer and Austin sometime :) MC

  2. They are getting so big! And Austin's hair is so cute now!!

  3. Love the picture of them in the chair in their diapers! Too cute!

  4. Josh and Cari, This month, your babies are still absolutely adorable AND they're looking engaged and curious about the world and intelligent. That's what I would expect. Hugs, Linda

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  6. That's a really good question and something which is self evident. However, the answer really depends on what your definitions of healthy and natural are.


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